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More About Ed

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Ed Mugg

                                Ed, a father of two and grandfather of seven, is                                      the Founder of many entrepreneurial companies.                                  He just sold a technology marketing company -                                    CoVideo. Over the years, in the plastics business,                                    Ed has worked with big-name companies like Ingersoll Rand, Westinghouse, General Motors,  General Electric, Rubbermaid, Mack Truck, and many more. Having an entrepreneurial spirit, he has launched more than 20 companies over his career.


In his youth, he was the co-captain of his high school football team and was the high point man on his school's basketball team. During his career, he has been a leader and President of his local Optimist Club. 

Today much of Ed's energy is focused on giving back. He developed this site to win souls to Jesus Christ. He developed this website ( believing that if he made the site user-friendly that more people will be helped.  

If anyone sees ways to make this site better - Ed welcomes your comments.

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