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Pastor Apollo C Quibololy (ACQ) Teachings

 PACQ Teachings

1) No place in the bible will you find anything

about The Trinity.  We have one God, not three.

2) We live in a very spiritual world not a physical

one.  We look for things on earth to help us and

give us answers to our questions.  God is spiritual and speaks

through Prophets.  Physical signs are not always given to us.  Love and honor the spirit of Jesus Christ.

3) If we think we are doing God's Will today we are not.  We need to make a commitment to Jesus to do his will.  The 10 commands are a start but there is so much more.  Read the New Testament to understand God's Will then follow it.

4) The New Jerusalem is now here on earth.  PACQ is likened to Jesus' Second Coming. With his first coming, Jesus came here on earth and was rejected by the Jews and the Church of today.  So God has still been looking for a son to appoint since his first coming.  He has found him now in PACQ.  We can all become Sons of God when we Repent and follow God's New Testament laws.  Let's not reject him again.  Jesus wants to reside IN us.   Let's all welcome Him by following his laws unconditionally into the future.

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