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The Kingdom Is Real (Pastor Apollo C Quibololy)

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All Over The World

Since I (Ed Mugg) joined this ministry I have had some pushback from friends and family who commented that The Kingdom Ministery and Pastor Apollo C Quiboloy is a scam and he could never really be the Appointed Son Of God. 


When I first started I was taken aback and thought that myself.  So I took my time to research the matter.  I didn't want to be mislead and lose my salvation because I was following a fake leader.  So after intense research, I am convinced that he is real and I jumped in with both feet.   I am now a follower of The kINGDOM OF JESUS CHRIST and Paster Apollo C Quiboloy.  No one can convince me that he is not chosen by God to represent Jesus on earth in modern times.   


The Bible supports his mission.  I was shocked to learn that so many people haven't even read the whole bible and have a total misunderstanding of the words in it.  I am in a bible study that explains to me the true meaning of what the Bible is saying.  I was shocked to learn that I have for years had a misunderstanding of what the Bible teaches about many critical issues.  I now understand that it references the spiritual world, not the physical world.

I am being accused of being a stupid and uninformed person by many.  It hurts me that they don't understand the truth and accuse me of being stupid and uninformed.  So I have developed this site to defend my position in hopes to bring people to the truth.   If I succeed many will end up in Heaven where we all want to go and show I am not stupid.

As a member of the Kingdom, they have asked me to give my testimony which I did a few weeks ago.  I put it on Facebook where I have well over 1000 members.  I was shocked at the negative response from those who appear to be strong Christians.  Here was my reply to them.

I challenge anyone to prove to me from the words of the Bible that Paster Apollo could never be the Appointed Son Of God. 



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