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About Ed

In recent years I have attended many churches.  I am finding that churches aren't talking about the beginning of the end times.  I believe there is a fear of losing contributors and being accused of fear-mongering.  It is so critical that the Churches wake up and preach what is happening now.  
With the internet, we are now able to research what is happening now.  The Bible says that there will be a pouring out of knowledge in the final days.  Well, all this is at our fingertips.

developed this site to warn
Christians and the church about the future.  How many times have you had someone, without anything to back them up, preaching to you about the end times?  They have been saying that The End Times are here NOW and nothing happens.  So most don't believe anything will happen in their lifetime. Well - this time it is true and I am proving it here.

Understand that I am not a prophet nor am I a master in theology. I understand the technology and am using the web to promote the fact that Jesus Christ is our salvation.  Souls need to be saved and time is running out. 

Recently I found Pastor Apollo C Quiboloy and his teachings.  I was blown away by what I am learning.  I was not aware that it was possible to find and believe in "An Appointed Son Of God".  So many say that it is not possible that a common man can be chosen by God to take the role of Jesus here on Earth.  The

The appointed Son Of God is real and the bible backs it up. 

Recently I placed my Testimony on FaceBook.  I was shocked about all the pushback I received from the Christians I know.  They said I was working with a CULT.  

It hurt me so much I developed a website showing proof that the Appointed Son Pastor Apollo C Quiboloy is a son of God.  So I just sent them
This Video.

I Was Shocked

Why Isn't The Church Talking

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